Dirt Farm Hits the Bottle

IMG_1667On Tuesday, Janell, Bruce, Nick, Wes and I gathered in the tap room to generate label content for the two beers we’ll be bottling soon. We sniffed and sipped and savored and threw out all the words we could think of. Here’s the result of that brainstorm: 

Work Session IPA

We call it “Work,” but it goes down like a long vacation. Consider it a tribute to our way of life here on the farm: we work and play surrounded by our family and friends, and this beer honors both of those activities. Cascade and Chinook hops give this all-day beer a floral nose and a grapefruit note in the mouth. Clean and refreshing, with low ABV so it won’t dull your senses — no wonder it’s our best seller!

Tart 31 Cherry Ale

Secondary fermentation with Montmorency cherries — 31 pounds per keg — gives this ale the clear red color of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. You taste this one fast, with the cherry note popping at the front of your mouth — not the syrupy flavor of added cherry extract, but the fresh burst of tart spring juice. This farm-to-pint brew offers a new way to enjoy the bounty of our prolific orchard, and the Chinook hops in this ale grow here on the farm as well, so it really delivers the taste of home that Dorothy hopes for when she clicks her heels. 

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